Wednesday, August 25, 2010


For those who have sent me notes with comments and questions about how I lost 100 lbs (see the YouTube link below), I have started another BLOG devoted (almost exclusively) to stuff related to weight loss. You can link to it from "View My Complete Profile," right there>>>> under that Contemplative-Writer-Type picture of Yours Truly. Or you can do it the old fashioned way by copying and pasting this:

I am very excited and encouraged by everyone's interest and support! Can't wait to see where my new blog takes me and how it helps and inspires others...because THAT is my hope!

I will still be here, blogging on Truth Time
as I have in the past
reflecting on the things in life
that are teaching me
more and more
about myself

The response to my weight loss story
has been a shining light to me....
that people, mostly women,
need to hear each others stories.
And we need to be told those stories with
and above all,

That's what I've been hearing
That's what your notes have been saying to me
Thank you for sharing openly
Thank you for putting to words, what I feel
I needed hope
I needed someone to understand
I need someone to help show me the way

More than ever,
I want to be open
I want to peel back the layers and let my heart
I want to examine my life and share the results
without all the filters
and pretense
and insincerity
and falsehood
I am prone to use to cloak the real, faltering, genuine Me.

I want to be more transparent
because I am finding
the more I reveal about myself,
the more my fears of rejection and judgement
because each time I come clean,
about the truth
about ME,
I am met with friendship, community and acceptance.
And it fills me up.

So here's to emptying myself out
and finding myself refreshed, renewed
and content
and in very Good Company

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