Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Victory Lap


  1. Woot, Woot, sister. You should be very proud. I can't wait for the next blog. Nicole

  2. Becky, this is Wendy Lewis (Solomon) from ORU days...I found your blog from facebook and your Victory Lap entry/youtube video. I have got to say, you are simple beautiful....I mean we all knew it in college and of course everyone loved/admired you for your leadership and just all-round hilarious personality. But I couldn't watch that youtube video and NOT tell you how amazing you are...inspiring and just plain gorgeous!! I read thru all 100 reasons you posted and even got teary-eyed, since I have just had baby #4, less than 3 weeks ago and was thinking how I don't want to see 40 next year overweight like I have seen all my birthdays in my 30's....all my kids were born in my 30's, so enough said. Anyway, you are amazing and I just wanted you to know as I sit here at my computer in were beautiful then, but gosh....what a way to spend your 40's, 50's and beyond. You have inspired me to do better for myself. You are one stinkin' hot mama, WITHOUT the mom jeans!! Wow....way to go!!

  3. Becky, my friends sent me this video link (friends of yours from NY!). Wow!!! your story is an inspiration. I'd love to hear more about how you actually lost the weight. Dieting is definitely NOT the answer. I have a Christian Weight loss ministry called Tune the Temple... I really want to help others after I finally got free of my 30 year struggle in 1999. I am sharing your video. People are so needing inspiration and encouragement. Great job!!!


  4. Hi Becky,
    Met you yesterday on Tim Roberts' facebook & just read your blog. Time for the book I'd say. Not only is your weight loss story inspiring, but you are a great writer. I can hardly read a thing you write w/out being reduced to tears. You get to the heart of it, whatever it is, and that is what readers crave.
    Keep on!