Friday, February 5, 2010

Doppel What?

So, the trend on Facebook (lately), is to post a picture of THE celebrity to whom you are most often compared.
Are there many of us who are actually compared to celebrities, on a consistent basis?
I could take this exercise in MANY directions...
There are a couple I've been compared to over the years.
A few, I WISH someone would tell me I resemble.

But, even when I put a dozen pictures into one of those computer-generated-read-your-face websites, the images of look-alikes they spit out, leave me baffled:
Portia De Rossi
Katherine Heigl?
I am tempted to put a picture of Raquel Welch, Lynda Carter or Catherine Zeta-Jones into the same computer program,
to see THEIR look alikes.
Wish they'd spit out a picture of ME as their results.
Wonder how that would make them FEEL?

I'm not about to get hung up on this.
This isn't an essay about being happy with who you are,
looking in the mirror and liking yourself more,
or any of that crap we're trying to infuse our daughters with,
in an attempt to create self-esteem and positive body images.

Frankly, I don't even know what this is about.
I think it's about the fact that
I'm beginning to consider having some "work" done.
(And I'm not talking about the long-overdue tummy tuck I dream about at night)

I NEED to get some work done.
And I should just get on with it.

I need Michelle Obama's arms.
I need to develop those biceps.
Summer is approaching, as is swim suit season.

I need Lynda Carter's teeth.
Those white, white teeth.
Only a package of Crest Strips away.

I need better eyebrows.
Maybe Salma Hayek's.
A magnifying mirror, tweezers and a steady hand...are all it would take.

I need Mother Teresa's selflessness
Angelina Jolie's always-room-for-one-more, open hands
Madonna's dedication to re-inventing herself every five years
Maya Angelou's way with words
Audrey Hepburn's elegance
Mary J Blige's swagger
(as well as the name of her tattoo artist)


my mother's


I need to have some "work" done.
And you know what?
Every bit of it,
is possible.

or become
any or all
of these things.

Because honestly, there is nothing...
and my tendencies to
ponder and
when I should get up and do something
or change something),
of those things, traits, characteristics or strengths
from becoming part of the woman I am.

I am
after all,
a woman.

And I love being a woman.

other than my mother's smile
and scent.

Those will never be duplicated,

and will be missed...



  1. that's it. i'm going to go do pilates right now.

    (but i may have a bowl of cereal first...)

  2. Becky Becky Becky,

    PLEASE tell me you are not considering going under the knife.

    You exude youthfulness and look years less your actual age of 29. (ahem)

    Beauty comes from within.

    The 'work' done by 'doctors' is inherently false looking.
    Hence plastic surgery.

    The term was subtely changed to 'cosmetic procedures' because of the word plastic's former connation of being 'fake'.

    Oh euphemisms...

    Women with their ethnicity chopped outta their noses.
    Breast 'enhancement' that makes monsters of already lovely women.
    (see Posh Spice's tennis balls that look as though they may slip into her armpit)

    This trend of surgery is a symptom of America's obsession with youth .
    And celebrity.

    The Lord made you in his image.

    Jesus doesn't need a makeover.

    And you my dear girl need only to live well and keep doing what you are doing because you look wonderful.

    Gaze around at some of our peers and see how truly youthful you appear.
    I judge not but we have friends the same age who look a decade older than you.

    And I'm not blowing smoke - Uhh - that is to say (cough cough).Let me re phrase 'cause I'm always blowing smoke:

    I mean it sincerely.

    - Sean P.

  3. I totally get it. We would all like to improve our outward look, and can by applying a little effort - O.K., maybe a lot of effort. But I hear your heart's cry that the real change you're after is soul-change. I can't imagine any other woman I would rather look and smell like than your Mother. I can still feel her arms around me as she gently whispered in my ear "Alanna, don't let your children eat the crumbs from under your table" when she saw that I had allowed too many things and people crowd in on my time - a common mistake for many Pastor's wives. It was and is the very best counsel that I have ever received in my life. I share it with other women all the time. And so, your Mother's "spiritual scent" goes on and on - for it is, after all, the fragrance of Christ.

    While I would love to have a tummy tuck (after lots of lyposuction), it wouldn't solve my problem of lack of self-control. What I really need is a soul-tuck. Let's resolve to let God cut away at the excess baggage we're carrying around there that weighs us down and hinders us.
    Bravo Becky - you're more like your Mother than you'll ever know!