Monday, February 8, 2010

Just Thinking Out Loud Here...

What does every CEO, President, Olympian, Oscar winner, Doctor, or any other 'successful' position have in common? An utter LACK of cynicism. "Real success cannot be achieved in the presence of cynicism... A cynic will always put their finger on the disease before they put it on health. It's the easy way to go."

I got this quote from my brother, Scott--who heard it from a friend.
It was so impacting
I had to post it here
Would love to leave it up for a month
So completely and utterly

So, so true

Now, here is what I think:
Cynicism is crippling.
It can halt you in your tracks
and can keep you from
reaching out to accomplish,
pursuing a dream,
believing in love,
going for that promotion,
putting yourself on the line,
taking a risk,
having faith to believe,
taking the plunge,
making a commitment,
letting down your guard,
opening up,
living life fully,
doing the right thing,
pushing for change,
standing up for justice,
seeing the possibilities,
and just about

and here is more of what I think...
The only real cure for cynicism
is forgiveness.


The only way to cure cynicism
is to forgive
whoever caused
the hurt,
the broken-ness
the disappointment
the betrayal
the let-down...

Whoever, or even whatever
broke your heart
smashed your hopes
crushed your dreams
hurt you
snubbed you
embarrassed you
neglected you
damaged you
gave you up
gave you away
gave up on you
let you go
didn't stop you
didn't want you
didn't believe in you
didn't trust you
didn't notice you
didn't help you
didn't return the favor
didn't follow through
didn't return your love
didn't answer your questions
didn't give you a chance
judged you
left you
left you out
singled you out
broke their promise
broke your trust
failed you
turned on you
over-looked you
stood in your way
kept you in the dark
took you for granted
took advantage of you
took your place
stole from you
tricked you
avoided you
mocked you
made fun of you
meddled in your life
turned others against you
blamed you
lied about you
cheated on you
or did

The only way out
(if you want out)
is to
forgive them.

And then,
I guess
after the forgiveness part,
the only other thing left to do,
is let go of the fear
that it's all going to happen
And again.

here's the thing,
if it does,
you can always forgive again.

I'm sure
I make it all sound too simplistic.
I'm so naive.
I'm far too optimistic
about all of this.

(especially, if you're cynical)

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