Thursday, November 5, 2009

Make Mine Red

I really do love red wine.
I may even be IN love with red wine.
I think I am in love with each individual glass I drink.

It's that first glass, maybe even that first sip, of my favorite red,
which brings instant satisfaction.
The taste.
The texture.
The warmth.
I can almost taste it from seeing and hearing it being poured into my favorite wine glass.

Maybe it's even BECAUSE of the glass.
When my hands have spent an afternoon gripped around a bumpy, leathery steering wheel,
and I've wiped up sticky spills and tucked-in flannel-clad children,
I like how the glass feels to my fingers.

Yes, it's the glass. But who I am kidding? It's the wine in the glass that does it for me.
Dark Red. Deep Red. Purple Red.
Good-for-my-heart, anti-oxidant-rich, Red.
Blood Red.
Intense. Bold. Impacting. Satisfying Red.
Cheap-o Red. Budget Red. Special Red.
There is a time and a place for all Reds.
It's all RED to me.

You are what you drink.
White wine is for wives.
Margaritas are for moms.
Cocktails are for girlfriends.

But Red Wine.
Red Wine is for Women.
I drink red wine, therefore I am...
A woman.
And I love being a woman.

Crap, it's not even noon!


  1. I ado(RED) your first blog post!

    Raising a glass to more to come!

    (I think they should call it blogge(RED) instead of blogger. ;)

  2. oh, and i BEG you to turn off the thing that makes everyone type in a secret scrambled word before you can comment!!! i HATE that function!!! if you get a lot of robots advertising on here, THEN i understand. but i never have had a problem... please, oh, please! other people who do this do not get any comments from me b/c it's such a bother!!!